Standard Filters
Reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy-to-service product for filtering compressed air

ECOCLEANŽ compressed air filters meet the strictest quality requirements and are extremely economical to purchase, operate and maintain. The housing is made of cast aluminium, with a chromebased protective coating on the inside and outside and an additional powder coating on the outside.

  • Optimized flow, due to the curved compressed air inlet
  • Prevention of corrosion and bacteria formation
  • The filter element is fastened securely by tie-rod
  • Filter element with stainless steel cylinder for high strength
  • The filter medium is wound up to 8 times, ensuring long life and low
    differential pressure
  • The dimensionally stable drainage layer made of needled felt prevents any deterioration in filter performance
  • Fitted with automatic condensate drain as standard
  • Easy to service and maintain, with hexagon nut flats on housing