Adsorption Dryers
NPS, NP & NS Series
Heatless-regeneration adsorption
Extremely compact and space saving design
Modern and attractive appearance
Complete with pre and after filter, easy installation
Compact dimensions- suitable for installation on equipment needing ISO 8573 class 1 compressed air
Can be installed in any conditions world wide thanks to the adjustable control
High tensile extruded aluminum construction
Long desiccant life
Special distribution plate for maximum flow through the desiccant
Minimum rate of purge flow
Low maintenance, always reliable
Two options of mounting arrangement are available (to be specified at the time of ordering)
Electronics / Semiconductor
Engineering / Assembly
Food Industries
Marine / Off shore
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Pharmaceutical Process

The Valve is of poppet type construction no sliding parts, rugged and reliable, suitable for direct acting cylinder size up to 100 mm, can be mounted in any position, provided with manual override as standard feature on the solenoid coil.

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Salient features:
Powder coated Al. profiled Desiccant Towers
Integrated shuttle valve and reliable control valve technology
In built After filters (5 micron) in each tower
In built tamper proof regeneration nozzle
Indicators to read Desiccant tower pressure
Independent silencers for each purge valve
In built flow paths for lower the pressure drop and lesser air leakage
Adjustable timer control condensate drain
Electrical y controlled control panel for accurate dryer operation
Can be upgraded easily from model 05-35 using upgrading kit
Very low electricity consumption 6.5 W
Technical Data, Adsorption Dryers NPS Series
Type Capacity
Dimensions (mm)
Connection G Max Pressure Weight
NPS5 8 425 320 180 1/4 10/16 13
NPS10 15 605 320 180 1/4 10/16 17
NPS25 25 795 320 180 1/4 10/16 21
NPS35 35 1145 320 180 1/4 10/16 31
+ Technical Data, Adsorption Dryers NP Series
+ Technical Data, Adsorption Dryers NS Series
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