Medium : Compressed air
Operating pressure : 0 10 bar
Operating Temperature : +5C to + 80C
Range : M5, 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", ", "
Types :
Male Connector
Female Connector
Bulk Head Connector
Reducing Nipple
Equal Tee
Sealing Ring
Neat compact tube fittings quick, simple connection of pneumatic circuits
Corrosion resistant black anodized aluminum
Fittings are to be used with polyurethane tubing only
To assembly, simply push the tubing over the barbed end of the fittings and retain by means of the knurled nut with finger tight. (Caution: Spanner not be used)
All fittings are precision machined for complete reliability and minimum metal contact
Technical Data
Product Code Tube Size (I.D) Port Size
Male Connector
03:3.0 05:M5
04:4.0 18:G1/8
06:6.0 28:G1/4
08:8.0 38:G3/8
09:9.0 48:G1/2
13:13.0 68:G3/4
+ Male Connector - NMC
+ Female Connector - NFC
+ Reducing Nipple - NRN
+ Bulk Head Connector - NBH
+ Equal Tee - NTC
+ Sealing Ring - NSR