Non - Return Valves
ZS / 520 Series
Permit free flow of air in one direction only
Protect down stream side in the event of air supply failure
Technical Data:
Port sizes : G 1/8 to G 1
Operating pressure : 0.3 - 16.7 bar
Operating Temperature : 0oC to + 80oC

The ZS/520 range of non-return valves are available in veriety of sizes and their function is to permit the free flow of air in one direction only.

Non-return valves are frequently used as protective devices in air circuits. In the event of failure of the air supply upstream of the non-return valve, the downstream side is protected. In some cases as air reservoir is neede as a protected source of air to be used in connection with amergency a\or fail safe systems and a non-return valve is used to safeguard from reservoir from the normal main air supply.

Standard Models
Model No Port Size A B Spares Kit
ZS/520 G1/8 13.34
43 ZQS/520/00
ZS/521 G1/4 20.83
48 ZQS/521/00
ZS/522 G1/2 25.65
76 ZQS/522/00
ZS/523 G3/4 37.59
92 ZQS/523/00
ZS/524 G1 47.24
124 ZQS/524/00