Quick Exhaust Valves
ZNCN / 500
Provide the means of exhausting air quickly from air reservoirs or cylinders.
Simple design and construction.
Exceptionally compact.
Very reliable in operation.
Enable high cylinder speed to be achieved.
Integral ailencer fitted to ZNCN/514.
Noise from exhausting air kept to minimum.
Adaptors available for direct connection of ZNCN/510 and ZNCN/513 units to cylinder or
reservoir ports.
Also available with N.P.T thread port sizes.
Technical Data:
Port Sizes : G1/8 to G3/4
G1/2 to G1/4
Flow : ZNCN/510, ZNCN/513(Cv) : 0.80
ZNCN/511, ZNCN/514(Cv) : 1.80
Operating Pressure : ZNCN/510, ZNCN/511: 0.7 - 10 bar
ZNCN/513, ZNCN/514: 0.7 - 7 bar
Operating Temperature : 0oC to +80oC
+ Additional Technical Information
ZNCN/510 & ZNCN/511ZNCN/513 & ZNCN/514
Model No Port Size A B C Spares Kit
ZNCN/510 G1/4 to G3/8 34 52 58 ZQNCN/510/00
ZNCN/511 G1/2 to G3/4 48 86 98 ZQNCN/511/00
ZNCN/513 G1/4 to G3/8 34 87 58 ZQNCN/510/00
ZNCN/514 G1/2 to G3/4 48 111 98 ZQNCN/511/00