Shuttle Valves
ZS / 575, ZS / 592
Technical Data:
Port sizes : G1/8 & G1/4
Operating Pressure : 2-10 bar
Operating Temperature : +5oC to +80oC

The function of a shuttle valve is to independent signal sources to be connected to a common pilot line. e.g. a pressure operated valve may then be controlled from two different points. In this respect the unit performs an 'OR' logic funstion.

Shuttle valves may be used in combination to provide operation from three or more independent sources.

When a signal is applied to one inlet port of the shuttle valve a piston moves over, and the inlet is connected to the outlet, the other inlet port remaining sealed.

Standard Models
Model No Descriptions
ZS/575 1/8" BSP Shuttle Valve
ZS/592 1/4" BSP Shuttle Valve