2/2 Valves
ZS / 534
Technical Data:
Port Size : G 3/8
Operating pressure : 0-7 bar
Operating temperature : 0oC to +80oC
CV Factor : 2.7
Nucon 2-port poppet valves fulfill many requirements not covered by other types of valves. They are simple 'on-off' valves and two would be required to control the supply air, and the exhaust to and from a single acting cylinder. A double-acting cylinder would require four valves.
Two-port valves are particularly suited for locking purposes on hydro-pneumatic circuits. When so used the port connections are normally reversed. The ports should also be reversed when these valves are used pneumatically at pressures up to 10 bar.
Type Description
ZS/534/1 Button operated, spring return
ZS/534/8 Roller actuated, spring return
ZS/534/40 Pressure actuated, spring return
Note: Additional stoke available on request (upto 15 times size of bore).