We at Nucon have been catering to the Engineering needs for the last 3 decades. We provide complete range of pneumatics for the Automotive Industry which include the below mentioned applications:

We Provide Pneumatic Door System for Bus Entrance Door application for automatic opening & closing like Jack Knife Door, In-Swing Door, Out-Swing Door, Out-Swing Installation with Bus body , etc using standard cylinders, modified solenoid and mechanical valves with accessories.
Vehicle assembly lines clamping and unclamping of assemblies for welding/assembly and other operation using Iso / compact cylinders and various valves.
Painting booth for delivering clean compressed air using micro filter and desiccant driers for filtering and drying compressed air used for paint spraying.
Featured Products
ISO / VDMA ZPRM/8000, ZPRM/8000/M Fittings Tubing
Flow Regulator ( Y Type) Super ZX 5 / 2 Poppet Valve Quick Response / High Flow
Inline Valves V Series